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USS Skipjack SSN-585 (1/72 Scale)

USS Skipjack SSN-585 Nuclear Submarine

The USS Skipjack was laid down in May, 1956, and launched two years later, in May of 1958. She was the first of her class, and the third to bear the name Skipjack in the US Navy. Skipjack was the first submarine to fully utilize the advantages of Nuclear power, and thus was designed to be a ‘true' submarine, unlike her predecessors, designed to be underwater indefinitely. Her hull was derived from previous designs, namely the USS Albacore, with a smooth hull with minimal protrusions, such as dive planes and control surfaces similar to those of an airplane, and she was hailed as performing like one, as well. With her advances in propulsion and design, Skipjack was a major step forward, and likely the most important historical and technological link with today's most modern nuclear submarines.The Skipjack was decommissioned in April 1990, giving her a service life of almost 32 years. This kit depicts Skipjack just prior to her decommission in 1990, faithfully reproduced in 1/72 scale. The kit has 32 pages of parts and 24 pages of instructions and detailed diagrams.

Length:42.0"  Width:6.70"  Height:13.5"
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