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De Havilland Sea Hornet NF.21 (1/32 Scale)

De Havilland Sea Hornet NF.21

First flown in 1945, and was removed from Fleet Air Arm Service by 1956.
The De Havilland Sea Hornet was conceived as a carrier capable variant of its land-based counterpart, the De Havilland Hornet F.3. The Sea Hornet retained all of the basic design features of previous Hornets, such as early composite design that mainly exploited wooden/alcad construction, which is directly descended from the De Havilland Mosquito line of aircraft. Modifications for carrier operation included slotted flaps for better handling at lower airspeeds. Among other improvements was reinforced landing gear with conventional hydraulic oleos, airframe longerons to absorb the landing shock loads, and Lockheed designed folding wing mechanisms. The NF.21 was designed as a tandem seat radar equipped night fighter version built to replace the aging Fairey Firefly NF1. Though a superb fighter in it’s time, it enjoyed a relatively short operational history, in no small part due to the rapidly developing jet fighters in the early 1950s.

Ship VZ-672 modeled in 1/32 scale. 13 pages of parts, 24 pages of instructions. Includes detailed diagrams, detailed cockpit, landing gear, engines, and armament. For advanced builders.

Span: 16.8" Length: 13.8"

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