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Paper Models?

Many of you returning to Skyline Paper Models are quite familiar with modeling in paper and card stock. What follows is a brief description of card models as a whole, and a description of the benefits.

Paper modeling. or card modeling gained popularity worldwide before the close of the second world war, and steadily grew in it's current form during the cold war years in Eastern Europe, primarily due to the lack of plastics available in Western markets for model construction. Paper/card modeling uses heavy cardstock as it's principle medium. Usually the kits are either delivered digitally (our preferred method) or come printed by the manufacturer themselves. The parts are cut out, folded, shaped, and then glued together. Anything can be accurately modeled in card, including, naval, aircraft, auto, armor, figures, or architecture. Also a wide variety of scales are available. One main advantage of the digital medium is that one may print additional replacement parts, if needed, or even reprint the entire kit to build as many as the builder wishes. Additionally, kits may be printed or photocopied into whichever scale he or she prefers. The kits, once built, are very detailed, and are easy to "super-detail" due to the nature of using paper as the main building element.

Here is a list of advantages of building paper models:

-Large availability of rare and unusual topics to model

-Can be built and rebuilt again. The kits are forgiving and errors are usually easy to fix.

-Can be Super Detailed with ease

-Affordability. Most paper/card kits cost a small fraction of that of a plastic kit in the same scale.

-Easy to store. Unbuilt kits take up very little space.

-Scale variations. Kits can be rescaled easily to a desired/preferred scale.

-Fun to build. Paper/card kits come together much like building a small version of the real thing.

-Impressive finished product. Completed models are usually at least as detailed as a plastic counterpart, and usually the casual observer cannot distinguish it from a plastic, wood, or resin kit.

Lots more additions will be added to our product line, so be sure to check back often!

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